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Kayak Bass Fishing Blitz – Small Lake Spinnerbait and Texas Rigs

We packed up the fishing kayaks and took to the gravel for some backwoods bass fishing action. Turned out to be one of the most enjoyable filming trips of our season, with bass hammering spinnerbaits and Texas-rigged craws.

One of the awesome attributes of kayak fishing is accessing otherwise untouchable water, and in this case, a small lake with nothing more than a foot trail leading to its shore. Well-equipped kayaks are portable while delivering impressive fishability. Wired2Fish’s McKeon “Keys” Roberts and Mitch Anderson take two very different approaches during this virgin voyage and uncover two excellent patterns. Keys decides to cover water, opting for a spinnerbait and buzzbait and discovers loads of bass relating to isolated grass patches. Mitch decides to focus his efforts on shoreline-related laydown trees with a Texas-rigged craw.

In the end, they both catch numbers of quality fish. Which tactic do you think outproduced the other? Bottom line lesson for us: hard to reach places deliver unmatched fishing in beautiful places. We’re sold on this kayak program!