How to Fish the Megabass ONETEN+2 Jerkbait

Megabass expands their jerkbait lineup with the VISION ONETEN+2, a new class of jerkbait that delivers the tournament-proven ONETEN action in the 12-foot depth range using 12lb fluorocarbon.

Professional bass angler Chris Zaldain explains why getting deeper can mean more bass in a lot of situations. For one, bass often suspend off the edge of ledges or breaks beyond the reach of conventional jerkbaits, which perform to a depth of around 6-feet. Crankbaits then become the bait of choice, but a jerkbait, particularly in clear water, often outperforms.

Getting a jerkbait into a deeper strike zone opens you up to an entirely new class of fish, be it staging prespawners, deep spawners, deeper summer fish or fall/winter consolidated schools.

Chris explains how to fish the bait order to achieve its maximum depth, which for Chris on this particular day, was 16-feet. Tuned rod and reel setups optimized for working jerkbaits and supporting long casting distances is important — he details each component and how it improves jerkbait performance.

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