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4 Jerkbait Modifications That Catch More Bass

While stock jerkbaits catch bass right out of the box, there are times when simple modifications add up to more bites. Pro bass angler Randy Blaukat shares his top jerkbait tweaks to adjust buoyancy, hook short strikers, and adjust for larger fish and fishing around cover.


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Blaukat prefers a suspending or slow sinking jerkbait during the cold-water months. If the bait is too buoyant, it’ll float toward the surface. Blaukat counteracts this by using suspend strips (lead) with adhesive backing. He shares a few pointers on how to secure the weight to the belly of the bait using an abrasive, pocket knife and a dab of super glue.

When it comes to short strikers, Blaukat explains the importance of setting the rear treble hook back further. He demonstrates how to accomplish this using extra split rings. He also experiments with the addition of red nail polish to create a more prominent target adjacent to the hooks.

Lastly, consider upgrading light-wire hooks to a heavier gauge and larger size when targeting bigger fish or working the bait in and around cover. Stouter hooks can also help achieve neutral buoyancy or slower sink rates as opposed to suspend strips.