4 Steps to Improve Cold Water Jerkbait Fishing Success

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Jerkbait fishing is a pure freestyle technique – the angler controls the action and cadence of the bait and makes adjustments to each until determining what the fish want. According to Ozarks native, Randy Blaukat, getting cadence right is the crucial factor when jerkbait fishing cold water (winter, spring & fall). He shares several pointers for getting jerkbaits deep and keeping them in the strike zone longer than the traditional jerk-jerk-pause cadence.


Deep-diving jerkbaits are often the tool of choice when targeting deep water winter and prespawn bass. Randy shares two casting approaches that drive jerkbaits into the strike zone around steep channel breaks adjacent to winter holes and spawning flats. Rather than working the bait with the typical jerk-jerk-pause, Blaukat instructs how fishing the bait with the rod tip upward extends time in the strike zone and leads to more bites. Check out this video for more information on fishing jerkbaits in ultracold water.