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Choosing the Right Combo for Ice Fishing

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Open water fishermen know the importance of selecting the right gear for finesse fishing. The same holds true for ice fishing. I carry three combos for finesse pan fishing.

An ultra light rod rigged with a spring bobber with 1-pound test line will tempt finicky fish and allow you to detect strikes. A pop and spring bobber excels in warmer weather or inside a house. Titanium springs excel on the ice as they are durable and less likely to freeze.

My second combo is a medium light with 2 lb. tests. Ice adaptive fly reels work great in cold weather and on pressured fish. Large parts and simple designs reduce freeze up and malfunctions and also prevent line twists so micro jigs hang without spinning.

My third combo is slightly heavier yet with 3 lb. tests for handling big pan fish and jigging spoons. The smallest of details add up to fish.