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Duo Realis G-Fix T-Hog Review

Duo Realis recently released a line of soft plastics covering a wide variety of fishing techniques. All of these products have their own time and place, however, one that I’m extremely excited about is the Duo Realis G-Fix T-Hog. This bait was made in collaboration with Lake Biwa fishing guide Takashi Nishijima. Duo Realis integrated a number of unique features into this bait that make it a great option for targeting finicky fish in heavy cover.

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The Duo Realis T-Hog is a heavy weighted lure designed to produce a backsliding action. This heavy weighted plastic allows you to flip this bait into cover without using a traditional sinker. The turtle shell shaped design of this bait allows it to glide away from the angler once it enters the water, commonly known as backsliding. This action is great for discretely entering thick cover without the added commotion of a weight. 

This bait Is 3 1/2 inches and weighs 3/8 ounce. The curly appendages on the sides of this bait are designed to be extremely thin, producing a subtle thumping action when fished. The T-Hog is also infused with Duo’s famous shrimp scent formula, which can make a big difference when fishing heavily pressured areas. 


This bait is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of heavy cover situations. While the T-Hog is great on any shallow body of water, tidal fisheries tend to be my favorite location to use this bait. This type of fishery typically consists of shallow water fishing. They also have lots of crustaceans that closely resemble the T-Hog’s profile.

On places such as Winyah Bay in South Carolina, fiddler crabs and other kinds of crustaceans line the banks creating a viable food source for bass. The T-Hog’s profile closely mimics this type of forage, while the infused shrimp scent insures fish will bite and not let go.



This bait can be rigged in a variety of different ways. However, my favorite ways to fish this bait consist of a wobble head, a light Texas rig and a weightless Texas rig. All three are great options for targeting bass feeding on crustaceans at a variety of depth ranges. The T-Hog’s heavy weighted material allows you to fish this bait on lighter weights, giving it a uniquely natural look. 

I like to throw this bait on a wobble head when fishing offshore hard spots and rock. Forage such as crawfish will often congregate in these areas due to the presence of rock. Rigging a T-Hog on a light wobble head is a great way to mimic the crustaceans using this rock for cover.

A light Texas-rig is a great choice when fishing around channel swing banks and other areas with current. The added weight on a Texas rig allows this bait to quickly enter and exit cover without getting washed away by the current. This is often important when fishing tidal water fisheries or other bodies of water where current is present.

Finally, I like to rig the T-Hog weightless when fishing shallow cover in calm water. Fishing this bait weightless allows for the most natural presentation possible. By rigging this bait backwards you are able to achieve the backsliding action the T-Hog was designed to produce. The heavy material in this bait also allows you to still make accurate casts when fishing this bait weightless in windy conditions.

The Duo Realis T-Hog is a great choice for fishing a wide range of cover. This bait’s backsliding action and realistic profile make it a fantastic option for targeting educated bass. If your looking for a unique bait to target pressured fish, the Duo Realis G-Fix T-Hog is one that’s sure to get you bit. 

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