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Yamamoto Yamatanuki: Your New Bass Fishing Secret

Join Brett Hite in this latest video as he introduces you to the Yamamoto Yamatanuki, a bass-catching heavyweight that’s been quietly popular in Japan for a few years. This super dense, 5/8th ounce plastic bait can cast far, sinks rapidly, and is highly effective in triggering bass in various situations.

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Hite demonstrates various techniques for fishing with the Yamatanuki, particularly around isolated cover and structure. Its hefty weight allows it to sink to depths of up to 30 feet yet still be worked back to the boat like a jig. Whether casting into visual targets or fishing it deep back to the boat, the Yamatanuki can efficiently cover water faster than traditional options like the Yamamoto Senko and other stick baits.

Interestingly, the Yamatanuki doesn’t just fall straight down; it oscillates side-to-side, offering a unique action that attracts more fish. The design allows anglers to cast further and be productive even on windy days. This can be a challenge when using lighter soft baits.

Unique in its shape and profile, the Yamatanuki has a bulbous head that slims down to its tail, mimicking the look of bluegill, brim, or perch. This design attracts bigger bass, possibly due to its larger profile than the typical weightless worm.

Hite shares his equipment recommendations, favoring the same rod, reel, line, and hook setup he uses for his Senko. He emphasizes the importance of the gear ratio and using a hybrid EWG hook for optimal effectiveness.

In summary, if you’re looking for an efficient, versatile bait that can trigger big bites, the Yamamoto Yamatanuki is worth a shot. And be sure to check out our Yamamoto Yamatanuki Review to learn more specifics about this intriguing soft bait.