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Why You Should Find One Bass Fishing Jig and Stick with It

FLW Tour pro Todd Castledine has simplified his fishing by sticking with staples like a jig and other lures that cover water over the years so that he spends more time figuring out the patterns of the fish and their locations than what bait he should be throwing. He has found some staple bass lures that he sticks with that can do a lot of different things in a lot of different fishing scenarios that plays into his “fish fast and cover a lot of water” theory on bass fishing practice time.

He has become fond of the Strike King Structure Jig with a Rage Bug that he modifies to make it able to fish a lot of different ways. He can swim it, pitch it, skip it, flip it, punch it, cast it, drag it and more. This keeps him from having to switch lures all day, and he can run and gun shallow and deep on cover and open water alike and know that if he’s not getting bites, it’s not because of the lure selection.

I enjoyed working with Castledine and listening to his “brain dump” on how the system has helped him simplify his fishing and enable him to fish faster. He will be one to watch on the FLW Tour in 2018. We talked in-depth about fishing fast, and keeping his lure choices really simple is a key component to that. We’ll get into the breaking down water fast soon. He really shared a lot of good information on how he has been so successful finding fish and covering water in his practice time.