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When to Choose Light Versus Heavy-Wire Bass Hooks

Hook selection can be incredibly overwhelming. A quick walk down a few aisles of your local tackle shop can make your head spin with all of the options and crazy claims plastered all over the packaging. But, as is the case with most things in bass fishing, it doesn’t have to be so darn complicated. Instead of agonizing over your hook selection, you should be fishing! This tip will help you do just that.

Managing Editor Walker Smith walks us through when and where he uses both light and heavy-wire bass fishing hooks. There is certainly a difference between them, but nothing too complicated. Light-wire hooks are best for long casts and sparse cover, while heavy-wire hooks are often a better option for short-range flipping and pitching, especially when heavy cover is involved. In addition to your fishing style, your line diameter should also be considered, which Walker also explains.