Topwater Tactics for Schooling Bass | Swindle Beats the Heat!

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Short morning “rush hour” windows provide cooler temperatures that activate baitfish and schooling bass during the heat of summer and early fall. Gerald “GMAN” Swindle shares the when, where, and how of catching schooling bass on the ever-effective walking bait for super-charged schooling bass.


It’s common for shad and other baitfish to suspend near the surface around current and shade-influenced areas such as bridges during low light periods. In this situation, walking baits are Swindle’s bait of choice. They exhibit an irresistible side-to-side action that draws bass up from distance and depth, especially when coupled with an internal sound mechanism.

Swindle stresses the need to watch the bait as you work it — not only to see strikes but also to ensure the bait is working with a steady left-right-left rhythmic cadence. The timing and direction of your cast are also essential. Swindle anticipates the school’s movement then casts to or ahead of them before they dive back to the bottom.

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