Topwater Poppers for Bass During the Shad Spawn

In this video, pro bass angler Mark Daniels Jr. shows us how to target largemouth and spotted bass during the shad spawn using topwater poppers. Daniels shares tips on finding the right spawning areas, checking water temperatures, and using the right gear to catch quality bass.

One of his favorite baits during this time is a popper, which mimics the thread-thin shad these bass feed on. The timing is usually perfect, with post-spawn bass lingering and the shallows flooding with shad. It can be among the best bites of the year and keep bass on shallow water patterns before the summer push to offshore areas.

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Daniels emphasizes the importance of fishing early in the morning and paying attention to signs of feeding activity, such as birds and flickering shad. Old sea walls, rocks, and docks with algae are ideal locations. Focus your topwater efforts along shady banks, as the bite typically fizzles under direct sunlight.

As he demonstrates his techniques, Daniels provides detailed information on his rod, reel, line, and leader setup to help you achieve similar success. He also highlights the importance of using a fluorocarbon leader to prevent line tangles and improve bait action.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting out, this video is packed with valuable information to help you capitalize on the shad spawn using the trusty old popper!


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