Topwater Bass Fishing Tips for Summer Bug Hatches

Most of us have experienced it – bug hatches so thick you can barely breathe without getting a mouthful. Pro bass fishing phenom, Jacob Wheeler, capitalizes on the mayfly hatch by shifting his offshore summer bass fishing program to the shallows. As Wheeler explains, an invertebrate activation at the base of the food chain brings hoards of bluegills to feast on limitless protein with bass right there with them. A quality popping topwater does an excellent job of mimicking bluegill feeding on the surface. 


Miles of shoreline potential underscores the need to cover lots of water. Wheeler fishes fast while making precise casts to all available cover like willow grass and laydowns. He stresses the importance of choosing a popper that has the right design and ample weight for accurate target casting. Bigger hooks are also a plus for hooking retention — you always have the potential to connect with the largest bass in the system.  

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