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Deep-Diving Crankbaits for Bass: How to Dissect Key Spots

Peak summertime water temps drive baitfish and bass to hard bottom deep water haunts on lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Wired2Fish’s Ryan DeChaine demonstrates how to methodically fish productive offshore structures with big deep-diving crankbaits, which consistently trigger the biggest and most aggressive bass in any given body of water.


DeChaine’s system starts with having a detailed picture of the structure he’s fishing. He uses side-imaging and mapping to find and waypoint offshore hard patches, then employs 360 Imaging for making methodical casts until he’s thoroughly fished the structure.

The key to getting bit is making bottom contact with the crankbait — DeChaine mixes in ultra deep-diving crankbaits to ensure consistent bottom contact throughout the cast. Realistic finishes are a plus in clear water. Lastly, he details his rod, reel, and line set up to make long casts into the wind, maintain adequate line pick, and significantly reduce break-offs with oversized crankbaits.