More Efficient Treble Hook Storage

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Professional bass fisherman David Mullins has devised a way that he can find and replace treble hooks on his bass fishing lures in a hurry. This involves saving the label from the hook packaging and storing it with a foam pad labeled with the corresponding size. The labels and sizes can all be seen through a clear plastic utility box and the foam padding also helps to keep the trebles sharp. Mullins will then hold each set of treble hooks together with twist ties to keep alike hooks from bouncing into adjacent trays.

To keep lures at peak their performance and hook-up percentage, it pays greatly to sharpen and even replace hooks often. While the clock ticks during a tournament or when a school of bass are firing in front of you, some smart treble hook organization can save you precious time.

Just like the variety of baits we use, treble hooks come in a multitude of sizes and styles that are carefully configured to fit each lure. Having the ability to quickly identify the correct treble hook for the job can keep time-wasting indecision at bay and ensures the lure will have its desired action.

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