How to Find and Catch Fall Crappie Using Micro Jigs and Plastics

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The fall months are arguably the best time of the year to find and catch crappie, which school up heavily in main lake basins. Wired2Fish staff McKeon Roberts has been out capitalizing on fall crappie movements using finesse plastics and explains what to look for. When crappie school over these mud bottom basins, their food source is predominantly invertebrates. Bulky minnow profile baits are often out fished by smaller bug look-a-likes and the use of tungsten jigs has resolved the issue of getting smaller baits down to depth quickly. Having the ability to stay vertical over the schools and watch your bait on sonar will help you catch more fish by having confidence that your bait is at the right depth, and allows you to better determine a fishes mood when you go one-on-one in a game of cat and mouse on your electronics.


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