Advanced Dock Skipping Tips for Bass Fishing Tournaments

You’ve probably seen our other dock skipping fishing videos with Gerald Swindle. Well he’s back with a new version and talks more of the subtle nuances that he looks at when he is skipping small jigs around docks. A lot of it centers around finding the hardest place to get a lure and focusing on getting it as far back in the most difficult places possible to maximize the opportunity to get to a bass that has not seen a lure recently. Being quick at identifying targets and not forcing the issue and working as a team to hit all the angles when fishing team bass tournaments.

There is a lot of great information on fishing for bass around docks, skipping technique, equipment setup, and thought process in this video with professional angler Gerald Swindle.


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? Quantum Vapor Reel 7:1
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? 16-Pound Sunline

Video by Darien Craig

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