Hackney’s New School Flipping and Pitching Approach

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Man, we love listening to Greg Hackney dive deep into the art of flipping and pitching bass. This video lecture is an excellent counter to the onslaught of forward-facing sonar content and underscores the importance of staying on the leading edge of shallow-water tactics. Hackney delves deep into the strategies of flipping and pitching in post-spawn conditions. Discover why these techniques are essential for targeting big females in heavy cover, and Hackney’s approach to fishing fast versus slow. He also shares his favorite overall bait for shallow water sniping and considerations for choosing the best rod setup for the situation.

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Choosing the Right Bait

Hackney emphasizes the importance of selecting the right flipping bait, pointing to a personal favorite that has consistently delivered results year-round. Despite common perceptions, Hackney reveals that, for him, a Texas-rigged soft plastic is tops for versatility and even outshines the classic jig in tournament conditions.

Post-Spawn Behavior and Habitat

As bass conclude their spawning phase, Hackney explains their migration to heavy grass in lakes rich with cover. These big females seek thick cover to rest, recuperate, and feed up on forage such as bluegills and crawfish. He offers insights into how these patterns vary across different water bodies, from natural lakes to reservoirs like Kentucky Lake.

Tackling Techniques and Setups

The best bass fishing rod varies based on the technique. Detailing his preferred setups, Hackney discusses the nuances of choosing between his signature 7’11” flipping stick and a slightly shorter 7’6″ version for different flipping and pitching scenarios. He highlights the balance between rod action, bait weight, and the need for precise, efficient hook sets to land bass quickly and effectively.

Adapting to Water Clarity and Cover

The clarity of the water and the type of cover significantly influence Hackney’s flipping and pitching strategy. He advocates for quick, targeted presentations in clearer waters while he’ll soak his cricket longer in dirty conditions to give the bass more time to react and find the bait.

Whether you’re a seasoned tournament angler or a weekend warrior, incorporating Hackney’s flipping and pitching strategies will significantly increase your success rates.