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Flipping and Pitching Mats for Bass | Greg Hackney Brain Dump

Sit down, relax and kick your feet up while Greg Hackney shares his deep passion and knowledge about shallow water flipping and pitching. Hackney posits that big bass thrive in matted grass nearly 365 days a year (except for the spawn) and that all hardcore bass anglers need to fish matted vegetation, whatever the type, and wherever it exists to see if it’s “happening.” Several tips are embedded within, ranging from the best flipping rod and tackle for penetrating, triggering, and extracting bass from the forest.


So why are these areas prime for taking? Matted grass provides excellent surrounding and overhead protection and ambush points while heating up quicker than the surroundings; these factors make them resilient to the adverse effects of cold fronts. And then there’s food — rich soils and organic matter support rich food webs that include crawfish and sunfish to name a few. And let’s be honest, punching mats isn’t for everyone — it’s hard work so often passed on or overlooked altogether.

Once you get bit, your job becomes dropping your cricket into every nearby nook and cranny. Hackney stresses the importance of choosing a powerful and balanced flipping rod for making effortless and pinpoint pitches and flips.

Hackney outlines all of this and more in what is arguably our most insightful and thoughtful look into the tactics of targeting bass in and around matted vegetation.