Finesse Bass Fishing Evolution | Power and Finesse

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Whether the bite is good or bad, subtle finesse tactics catch bass. Wired2fish’s Kyle Peterson showcases a few of his go-to finesse bass fishing techniques, the 1) Ned rig and 2) power shot. Peterson demonstrates the when and how of both tactics and shares his refined gear setups for each, focusing on sensitivity.

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NED RIG SETUP (spinning)

Peterson likes using a lightweight Ned rig fished across hard bottom areas. Bass can’t resist a small worm ticking across rock and gravel when affixed to a small jig head. A lightweight and sensitive spinning setup is optimal here. Of particular interest, Peterson likes using a tapered leader material that provides more strength at the line-to-line knot and a reduced diameter (thus visibility) at the lure. The rod’s sensitivity, coupled with a high viz line, allows for exceptional bite detection, which is critical when the fish are finicky.

His second setup is a power shot, which is basically a beefed-up drop shot rig. Peterson likes this setup when he can get away with it, as casting gear affords more power, a real benefit when fishing around cover. A heavier line and a stiff yet light gauge hook delivers finesse and strength. Buoyant and durable plastics get the nod here, with realism and unique profiles coaxing more bites on pressured fisheries.

There’s no wrong way to fish either setup, making each an excellent option for anglers of all ages and skill levels. You just need to know how to cast a baitcasting reel.