Exploring Backwater Frog Fishing with Keith Poche

Join pro bass angler Keith Poche as he adventures into hard-to-reach shallows using a small boat to reach underpressured bass. He shares valuable insights for targeting bass in shallow backwaters using a hollow-body frog and shares practical advice on equipment, techniques, and locating prime fishing spots.

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Poche emphasizes the power of using a small boat in shallow water, allowing anglers to navigate through challenging spots like Beaver Dams. Frog fishing requires specialized gear. He discusses his ideal setup, recommending a 7’3″ heavy-power rod for accurate casting and reliable hook sets. Poche explains the benefits of using a high speed reel when working your bait through thick grass and lily pads.

Similar to offshore bass fishing, finding prime spots requires hard-earned knowledge. Poche shares how to identify prime fishing spots in shallow waters. He studies maps and is always on the lookout for subtle spots like like ditches, cuts, and beaver dams. Areas of change will help you pinpoint locations where bass are likely to gather. These spots create currents and serve as pinch points, attracting bass searching for forage like bluegill.

Throughout the video, Poche provides insights into bass behavior and feeding patterns. He highlights the importance of listening for the distinct popping sounds of bluegill, indicating the presence of bass. Hunting bass in shallow water is best accomplished with cat-like reflexes. fast response times and accurate casts to environmental cues will help you capitalize on short-lived opportunities.

Follow Keith Poche’s advice to enhance your skills, increase catch rates, and enjoy catching quality bass where your instinct takes over. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler, this guide to shallow-water bass fishing provides valuable techniques and insights to make the most of your fishing trips.

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