Catching Prespawn Burbot | INSANE Underwater Footage

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Similar to most black bass species, the prespawn period is one of the best times of the year to catch giant burbot. It is also a great time to shoot some incredible underwater footage. The Wired2fish crew was able to do both things on a local natural lake while picking up a couple of bonus species along the way.

Chasing oddball species is a good change of pace after a long winter of catching crappies and walleyes, and with game fish season closed, it is the perfect time to get after some bigger fish. Burbot can reach some impressive sizes with fish hitting that 10lb mark regularly. With their odd characteristics and larger than average size, they are an incredible species to chase. With the burbot being relatively unknown, we rely heavily on an underwater camera to show us what is down there and learn more about these wild fish.