Swim Jig Fishing Secrets for More Bass in Shallow Water

Ott DeFoe talks about all of the subtleties with swim jig fishing for bass and how a swim jig can be more versatile and more appropriate when fishing for skittish fish or around shallow pressured fish than say a ChatterBait or a crankbait. DeFoe discusses sound, size, where he fishes, what he does with his electronics, water clarity, being stealthy, and fish all the locations in the area. Not just the cover. Not just up high in the water column. A swim jig is very versatile in that it can catch fish in cold or hot water, shallow or deep water, dirty or clean water and DeFoe has realized now that he should have been throwing it more in a lot of situations. 

Watch Ott DeFoe go through a subtle shallow flat and put on a clinic with the new Terminator Heavy Duty Swim Jig.  




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