Best Z-Man Colors for Smallmouth on Goby Fisheries

Jonathan Dietz shares his top color picks from the Z-Man lineup when targeting smallmouth on Goby fisheries. Specializing in strategies for catching smallmouth bass in Gobi-rich waters, Dietz’s expertise in color selection stems from a keen understanding of fish behavior and their habitats.

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Firstly, Dietz highlights the importance of dark-back and light-belly lures. Such colorways mimic the natural coloration of aquatic creatures, ensuring they blend seamlessly with their surroundings. Specifically, in the Z-Man lineup, “The Deal” stands out. Not arbitrarily named, “The Deal” consistently proves its effectiveness in imitating Goby and other bottom-dwelling prey.

Transitioning to the next hue, Dietz favors Green Pumpkin Goby when fishing around darker bottoms as it stands out while retaining a natural look. The purple flake resembles the purple hues found along the backs of Gobys.

Lastly, Dietz has come to appreciate an unconventional choice: Coppertreuse. Particularly effective on Lake Erie, the color chartreuse perks the curiosity of sigh-feeding smallmouth bass. For Dietz, this vivid hue attracts attention and seems to produce bigger bites than natural colors.

Wrapping up, Dietz emphasizes that these three colors—especially when paired with a Ned rig—are outstanding options for a range of soft plastic finesse bass baits on Goby fisheries.

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