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David Dudley’s Ned Rig System | Tackle and Rod Setup

Finesse fishing expert David Dudley dives deep into the art and science of fishing with the Ned rig, one of the most versatile fishing techniques for bass fishing. One of the beauties of the Ned rig is that it produces bass year-round and across the country.

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When targeting sight-feeding smallmouth bass on sandy flats, it’s essential to have the right equipment. Dudley discusses the importance of using a jig head that allows the bait to fall straight to the bottom vertically but not too fast. Dudley details his go-to jig weights depending on the depth he’s fishing.

Next, he discusses the importance of selecting the correct hook size based on the chosen plastics, specifically his go-to 1/0 and 2/0 sizes, and when to use each. The line also plays a role in achieving the optimal fall rate, with Dudley preferring a fluorocarbon leader between 6-10 pound test. He uses a lighter leader in deeper water and shifts to a progressively larger line diameter in shallow water.

Rigging is essential. Dudley presents a step-by-step guide to correctly rigging your Ned bait, ensuring a straight fall every time. Doing so increases your chances of triggering bass on the fall and during the retrieve.

Consider tying on a Ned rig whenever you encounter clear water, finicky bass, or struggle to get bit. Chances are the Ned rig will get it done.