Bass Fishing Squarebill Crankbaits 101

Professional bass angler Randall Tharp views his stock of shallow running crankbaits among the best tools to quickly cover water and trigger bass into biting. The key to fishing these baits effectively is to make contact with all available cover; grinding rocks, deflecting off wood and manmade cover, and snaking through grass while implementing speed changes are all key to getting bit. Balsa crankbaits like Rapala’s BX Brat provide additional buoyancy for snag resistance and move in a natural and variable hunting motion on the retrieve. Pay attention to what the bass are feeding on and select a color that fits the situation – shallow crankbaits can resemble shad, bluegill and crawfish when chosen accordingly.

Check out Walker’s Rapala BX Brat Review for more specifics on this lure. 


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