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Crankbaits in Grass for Bass | 2 Tips to Dominate

Fishing crankbaits around grass is an effective way to locate and trigger bass, but there are some tricks to doing it correctly. Mark Daniels Jr. explains how lure design impacts performance around grass and what to look for in a bait. The other half of the equation is rod power. Daniels explains how increasing your rod power improves performance over the typical medium power rod with a parabolic bend.


No different than hard cover deflections, crankbait deflections from grass occur by ticking or ripping, and it’s effective with the right gear. The most critical factor is picking a crankbait with the line tie embedded in the bill – this allows the bait to self-clear and clear when you rip the rod tip. A stiffer rod lets you pull the bait with immediate feedback, which prevents getting bogged down in the grass.