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How to Fish Crankbaits for Bass in Grass Lakes

Consistently finding bass in grass lakes is one of the biggest challenges in bass fishing. It’s analogous to locating and patterning deer in open prairie versus the big woods – seemingly endless habitat from the shallows to mid-depths mean bass can be anywhere. At the same time, fish finders struggle to reveal their presence. For Jacob Wheeler, a crankbait is the best tool for finding offshore grass bass, as it allows him to quickly comb expanses of water while having the same deadly triggering characteristics as in hard-bottom lakes.


In this video, Wheeler quickly locates a mega school of ravenous bass using a mid-depth crankbait and takes the opportunity to breakdown a pattern many are missing. The trick is to use fish finders to define the grass bed and identify areas of change such as pockets, points, or where grass goes from thick to thin. Once you find fish, Wheeler explains how to milk the school using Spot-Lock in conjunction with waypoints and shoreline features to stay lined up on your casts and make lineup adjustments as the school relocates.