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db’s World – Behind the Scenes from Palatka Event

Usually he captivates us with his words, this time db chooses to tell his story with photos to take you where most people don’t get to go or see. Here’s part one of Don’s story from the St. John’s River event.

…got to love Florida, especially those that were here long before we were.

That tall guy standing next to me…KVD…we are going to be competing head-to-head in 3 events…Bowling, Darts…and Billiards….I’m thinking I can take him in 2 out of 3.

This is why I think the Elite pros are some of the best athletes I’ve ever been around in the past 20 years because they play through conditions that would sideline most any other major sport.


Launching into the fog.


Two Bass Cats…Rick Pierce (L) and his dad, Ron who founded the company along with his wife, Jan in 1971


I love these things…whatever it is.


Gerald Swindle. Possibly the funniest, and most sincere athlete I have ever been around. A great friend, along with his wife LeAnn, thank you for all you do for the “Old Hippie Man.”


K-Pink…my good friend Kevin Short…I put the hyphen in his name. He put the sport in my soul.


Brandon this kid he’s going to be a big stick in this sport which will be great for the sport since he is also a great person as well.


Ott Defoe…another Elite dude with huge upside in the sport.




…the legend.


Congrats Alton…great job on your St. Johns win…the Bassmaster Classic champion gets his first Elite regular season win.


Timmy Horton…about to join the Grumpy Old Men tour as a roommate.


Becky, young Vegas, and Mike Iaconelli…great friends…love you guys.


One of my adopted sons on the tour…James Niggemeyer, a man with a champion’s heart and good guy soul.


John Murray…a fellow camper…great angler from the west coast.


David Walker…have a great story coming with him soon. Welcome back David, so glad you are here.


A great friend, Steve Kennedy and his family…


…this is why I love the guy, and all the family Kennedy.