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Why Walking Topwater Poppers Excel around Cover

Why Walking Topwater Poppers Excel around Cover

Take note when Elite Series pro Jacob Wheeler starts talking topwater lures. From his experience, you get more big bass bites on topwaters than anything else. But not all topwater lures are created equally. According to Jacob, those that exhibit a “walking-the-dog” action trigger bass the best.

The Storm Arashi Cover Pop (see review) is a unique combination of popper and walking topwater that stays in the strike zone longer than most based on its aggressive cupped-face design. This, along with its tail-weighted rear end makes it a great choice for fishing around cover like grass pockets and patches, wood, and any isolated cover. Jacob teaches how to pitch and roll cast this deadly lure into sweet spots, while diving into specifics on lure design that making fishing it easy while keeping bass securely hooked.


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