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When to Choose Flat Side vs. Round Cranks

When to Choose Flat Side vs. Round Cranks

Elite Series pro Bill Lowen might be one of the best shallow water crankbait fishermen in professional bass fishing. He has thrown every homemade crankbait on the market and nearly every mass produced crankbait as well. He has searched high and low for the best behaving actions in various water conditions.

In this short video, he shares some of his insight on flat sided crankbaits and when to use them in bass fishing in contrast to round-bodied square-billed crankbaits. Learn what makes him choose one over the other. He talks about water temperatures and how you should fish each in the alternate situations. Also what he likes for fishing these various crankbaits.

Lowen shows off his PH Lures flat sides like the Skinny P as well as the Ima Lures Signature Series Bill Lowen Square Bill Crankbait in this video. We’ll have more about balsa versus plastic and other cranking topics with Bill Lowen in future videos.

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