How Big Worms Excel for Dock Bass

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Bass pro Jason Christie explains why he uses big worms when targeting dock bass. Part of his rationale relates to bass conditioning – Texas rigs are more difficult to skip underneath so many anglers bypass the presentation altogether. This means bass are less conditioned to seeing a big ribbon tail worm on the fall and snaking along the bottom compared to more traditional dock baits like jigs and stick baits.

Christie instructs how to work worms under docks then quickly pivots to targeting fish relating to cover off the end and around the sides. Dock owners regularly plant brush piles and other man-made cover adjacent to docks but many anglers bypass these cover elements for the next dock. Christie explains how Garmin Panoptix is a tremendously powerful tool for scanning and finding targets like brush. A Texas rig is the perfect tool for transitioning between docks and isolated cover before moving on. Apply this guidance to put a few more fish in your boat.