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Advanced Popper Tactics for Bass in Cover

Chris Zaldain delivers a comprehensive tutorial on how to fish topwater poppers for bass relating to cover. Poppers may be the most versatile topwater lure considering the fact that premium versions can be fished with a ‘walk the dog’ cadence or a ‘pop and let sit’ retrieve.

The power of poppers lies in their ability to draw fish from a distance, in this case, emergent water willow in Texas. Aggressive nose cupping paired with a water intake system keeps the Megabass PopMax glued to the surface while a high-positioned line tie allows for aggressive popping and gurgling.

For Zaldain, popper fishing is about picking targets and making precise deliveries. He stresses the importance of fishing the shaded side of the cover as well as the immediate up-current and down-current sides. Water clarity dictates his preferred lure color and how aggressively to fish the bait. He details his preferences as well as rod and line selection guidelines for keeping bass pinned on trebled topwater baits.