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Georgia Angler Missing after Boat Sinks

Sad news to report out of Georgia. What started off as an enjoyable afternoon of fishing quickly turned into a tragedy. 

While fishing with his friend Prince Lewis and Lewis’ 12-year-old son, Troy Cobb disappeared as their boat began to take on water. The battery on Cobb’s boat died and a backup battery also died. Black Shoals Lake is an electric motor-only fishery. 

The anglers tried to paddle to shore, but the boat quickly began taking on water. All three anglers went into the water.

Lewis attempted to call the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and park staff to inform them of their dead batteries, but was unable to get any help. Lewis and his son safely swam to shore and were later rescued by firefighters while walking through the woods, but Cobb remains missing. 

According to a local angler who also fished Black Shoals Lake the same day, Friday’s winds were steady at approximately 20 miles per hour with gusts up to 45 miles per hour. 

You can read the original report by WSB-TV here