Tips for Frogging Bass in Expansive Grass Flats

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It’s intimidating trying to find bass along expansive grass flats but you can speed the process by paying attention to nature’s cures. Wired2Fish’s Mitch Anderson shares some pointers on what he looks and listens for when approaching the jungle in search of bass relating to heavy grass. 


Bottom transitions are key areas usually revealed through changes in submergent and emergent weeds; these areas provide mixed cover and a boundary that congregates baitfish and bass. Of course, the presence of baitfish and invertebrate life is high on the list — popping bluegills and feeding birds can help direct your casts to productive areas. 

Anderson stresses the importance of the right frog and rod setup. Casting distance is imperative to get baits deep in the thick stuff whereas a long and heavy-power rod paired with a high-speed reel and heavy braid is imperative for powerful hooks sets and extracting fish from impenetrable cover.