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4 Reasons Walking Topwater Baits Outperform

In the world of bass fishing, there are a few baits bass never tire of, and a walking topwater bait is one of them. We caught up with Brandon Card for an early morning lesson on fishing walking baits. He shares several pointers on working the bait as well as equipment recommendations for getting the best performance.


Quality walking baits are versatile tools that perform in both calm and wind conditions. Brandon explains how to adjust your retrieve based on the circumstances; in calm conditions, a gentle rod pull smoothly engages the bait, whereas a more aggressive snap is key to creating commotion in the wind. Card strongly advises using a braided mainline to a short fluorocarbon leader, for it allows you to control the bait with little hesitation. Lastly, he shares exact line specs and general guidance for selecting a rod and reel for the job.