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Fishing Tournament Cheat or Lure Retriever?

I saw an article on this week talking about a crazy contraption an angler found while fishing a tournament on California’s El Capitan reservoir this past weekend. The device is crazy looking and there is a lot of buzz swirling around whether this device is a homemade contraption intended to retrieve snagged lures or a means for another tournament cheater to hide fish to be retrieved later.

There have been no shortage of well documented cheaters in tournament fishing and nothing makes a tournament angler madder than knowing he was in a tournament with a cheater. There was the gentleman in a Wylie Lake BFL a few years back and of course the fine upstanding individual in Minnesota last year and of course the Mike Hart debacle at the WON U.S. Open in 2010.

What do you think of this device? DIY lure retriever or cheating contraption?

See the full article about the device at

(photo by Jason Sleight)