An Excellent Lure Retriever (DIY) for Around One Dollar

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There are a lot of excellent over-the-counter and DIY lure retrievers (aka plug knockers) that can save you hundreds of dollars annually, depending on how much and where you fish. Nick Smith of the Informative Fisherman shares his favorite retriever when targeting fish with finesse setups around snaggy areas comprised of rock and wood. Both cover types eat spendy tungsten drop shot weights and hooks with abandon.


When fishing light line applications around rock and wood, Smith prefers using his homemade plug knockers, consisting of a clip and 1-ounce round lead weight. First off, the round weight avoids lodging in rock crevices and branches. Additionally, the lighter 1-ounce weight is more effective at riding the line down to the lure. In contrast, heavier knockers often bow the line and fail to get to lures snagged deep in the cover.

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