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A 2-Prong Approach for Chasing Schooling Fish

There has been a lot of schooling activity this summer and early fall on lakes around the country. I have enjoyed taking a break from hunting bigger bass and just setting the hook a lot on smaller schooling bass around Kentucky Lake. This video is packed with fish catches, blow ups, tackle talk and some of me, my son and Terry Bolton just goofing off and enjoying constant action the past few weeks.

Schooling fish is a great way to get a feel for baits, test retrieves, work on casting to visible fish, fishing lures more erratically. The fact that you have lots of fish to practice on makes it a great time to learn about lures, profile differences, triggering fish to bite and more that can help you in other fishing situations. I am usually chasing bigger fish around the lake but if you want to get someone like a spouse, child or friend into fishing, schooling fish can be one of the best ways to do that. It’s visual, fast paced and they often bite topwaters.

You’ll want to check out the pack of bass that follows my Whopper Plopper back to the boat towards the end of the video. It was like rats following the Pied Piper! Crazy what fish do sometimes!

Tackle in this VLOG: