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Minn Kota Performance Advantage No. 3 | Fortrex Motor

Minn Kota Performance Advantage No. 3 | Fortrex Motor
Buying a new trolling motor  is an investment. What thrust do you desire? How many batteries do I have? What can I afford? These questions and more are part of the exercise that buyers go through for the purchase.
Performance and overall quietness should also be on the list and Minn Kota has that dialed in with their new Fortrex. Quiet dependability starts with the Mono-Arm on the Fortrex. It is the backbone. Built from anodized aluminum it comes built in with a counter-tension stabilizer to keep slop and squeaks out of the equation. It operates with zero metal to metal contact, that can create noise, and utilizes Minn Kota’s lift assist technology to make it a snap to lower to catch a bigun or lift and store for that long boat ride.
The Fortrex is a long lasting motor and can be purchased in both 24 and 36 volt models.