Minn Kota Performance Advantage No. 2 | US/2 Transducer

One of the most troublesome characteristics of trolling motor transducers is unwieldy cables on the outside of the trolling motor shaft. With Minn Kota’s US/2 (Universal Sonar 2) Sonar build in to your trolling motor you don’t have to worry about it any longer. Dual transducers of 20 and 60 degree cone angles allow anglers to see more of the bottom are build in to the foot and shielded from interference. They are compatible with Garmin, Lowrance, Eagle and Humminbird depth finders and provide a durable and safe look at the bottom. When you are ready to go so is US/2.

The US/2 is available on Fortrex, Maxxum, Terrova, and Power Drive V2 trolling motors.

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