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Is a Hydraulic Jack Plate Necessary for You?

Hydraulic jack plates like the T-H Marine ATLAS allow Wired2Fish staff to safely operate good-sized boats on small rivers. Not all of us have the luxury of owning several boats for different fishing situations, but you can increase the versatility of your boat with a jack plate. Bass anglers throughout the southern United States have long used hydraulic jack plates to run shallow water, increase top-end speed, improve hole shots and even mid-range performance. Jack plates also allow for mounting additional accessories such as shallow water anchors and transducers without drilling additional holes in the transom. In this video, we explore using regular-sized bass boats outfitted with mid-to-large outboards in shallow water rivers. Rivers and reservoirs alike experience regular water level fluctuations, often of several feet. The 6 inches of vertical lift provided by the T-H Marine ATLAS extends boat use and safety in skinny water without having to downsize boats, switch to a jet drive engine, or forego fishing altogether.