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Flatline Trolling River Bass and Walleye

Flatline Trolling River Bass and Walleye

Not all of us have lakes or reservoirs at our immediate disposal, but even if you do, rivers provide exceptional fishing in a beautiful setting. Veteran walleye pro and multi species angler Scott Glorvigen loves jumping in his river boat and pulling crankbaits for a mixed bag of gamefish. Casting and jigging work, but trolling crankbaits is a great way to cover water while keeping your lure in the strike zone. Scott explains how to effectively flatline troll rivers using a tiller outboard. His technique stresses the importance of bobbing and weaving around trees, eddies, and holes, which deliver crankbaits tight to cover and fish holding current breaks. You’ll be amazed at how many quality fish you can put in the boat using this basic technique.

Glorvigen’s Equipment: