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Flat-Sided Crankbaits | Underwater View

Flat-sided, squarebill crankbaits are one of the most popular lures in bass fishing for good reason-they consistently catch big fish, even in tough fishing conditions. Their deflections off of hard cover create erratic movements that closely mimic injured or fleeing baitfish and bass are hard-wired to capitalize in these situations. These squarebills, however, often feature wide bodies that displace a lot of water which can overpower bass in cold water or post-frontal conditions.

Megabass has developed a solution to this common issue and created the SonicSide crankbait that allows anglers to achieve the best of both worlds. Instead of a wider, more obtrusive body, the SonicSide has flat sides that excel in difficult fishing situations. This subtle profile gives the crankbait a much tighter shimmy throughout the retrieve which can often seem much more natural to bass. Featuring a square-shaped, reinforced circuit board lip design, the 1/2-ounce SonicSide maintains excellent deflection qualities which result in vicious reaction strikes from nearby bass.

Additionally, this crankbait has precisely placed internal weights that allow for maximum castability, even when casting directly into a stiff breeze. It’s also able to be retrieved at an extremely fast pace without blowing out.