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BOOYAH ToadRunner | What it Looks Like Underwater

Prop-style topwater lures have a long history of producing big bites. The rhythmic and repetitive sound and vibration given off by a rotating tail is easily heard and felt by bass. Makers of hollow body frogs such as BOOYAH have adopted 360-degree rotating paddle tails to the back of proven frog profiles. The BOOYAH ToadRunner is the featured bait in this video and is built around a modified Pad Crasher body.

The addition of a sizable paddle tail to what is traditionally a stealthy bait adds surface commotion, sound and vibration that extends the effective range of the deadly hollow body frog, while still maintaining its effectiveness in the heaviest of cover. Consider trying a spin-tail frog anywhere you’d fish a regular hollow body but also consider that the added sound and vibration attracts bass from further distances and in wind. It may be a better option in deeper water, wind or even open water.