Pre-Tournament Q&A with Swindle, Myers

Q: This is a very unique Bassmaster Elite Series event because you’re competing on two different lakes in the same tournament, beginning with a fog delay on tough Lake Norfork then to top notch Bull Shoals on Friday and Saturday before concluding Sunday back at Norfork. What are your thoughts?

Swindle: Yep, it’s just like in high school when smoking hot Rebecca finally said she’d dance with me, but the disc jockey said I had to first dance with not-so-hot Julie. Rebecca is a lot like Bull Shoals, but Norfork is more like Julie.

Myers: It’s kinda like having to fight Mike Tyson before you can take on Ronda Rousey. They’re both gonna be a boxing match, but Norfork is gonna be way tougher than Bull Shoals.

Q: What’s your prediction for the amount of weight a pro will have to catch on each lake to make it to the Top 12 cut on Sunday?

Swindle: 12 pounds a day on Norfork and 15 pounds a day on Bull Shoals.

Myers: 13 pounds a day on Norfork and 15 pounds a day on Bull Shoals.

Q: Song that is top of mind for you right now?

Swindle: Jelly Roll’s “When I Get Rich.†He says, “when I get rich, I’m gonna still act broke.â€

Myers: Flo-Rida’s “Welcome to My House.† It’s the song I listened to a lot when I won at Winyah Bay, but I hadn’t heard it much since, until practice this week; and man, it really hit me hard, and made me stop and think how much it means to have won that Elite. I’ll be honest, hearing that song again two days ago made me get really emotional.  

Q: The thing you remember most about being at Bull Shoals for the Bassmaster Elite in April, 2013?

Swindle: Sitting on the porch of the same exact cabin I’m staying in this week, and hearing the news that Casey Ashley’s son had been born back in South Carolina.

Myers: The fact that it was Jason Christie’s tournament to win. The way things unfolded for him that final day made me realize once again, that when it’s your time to win, it’s your time to win.  

Q: If we looked in the rod lockers of 100 Bassmaster Elite Series anglers this week, what three lures do you think we’d see the most of?

Swindle: Shaky Head, Drop Shot and Wiggle Warts.

Myers: Pitching jig, Shaky Head, Wacky rigged Senko.

Q: Of all the fish that will be weighed-in this week, what percentage do you think will be “spawners?â€

Swindle: 40%

Myers: 80%

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