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Wearing the Color Off a Bronzeye Popper

There are some baits whose action and color drive bass crazy. Plum Apple in a Zoom Ol’ Monster Worm for big largemouth is one. Green pumpkin tubes for giant smallmouth is another. Some colors are confidence colors but most of the time there is a reason for it. Sometimes it’s water color, sometimes it’s forage, but for whatever reason some colors just work better than others.
We recently were introduced to a new color in the Spro Bronzeye Popper line-up called Red Ear that is now at the top in that category for us.
We have been fans of the Spro Bronzeye Popper since it came out  a few years ago and have had a few colors  that we have confidence in over the others. Rainforest Black, Midnight Walker, and Neon Glow all have been fish producers but we have never seen bass want to “kill” a frog quite like Red Ear. They smash it, crunch it, jump on top of it and munch it. (frog pictured above used in one tournament) We have had them wake from several feet way to hammer it too. They flat hammer it! Depending on the thickness of the cover and the light conditions determines our color choice most of the time but it seems with the Red Ear it doesn’t matter. Dark cloudy days or those without a single cloud in the sky, it doesn’t matter. They eat it equally well.
The Spro Bronzeye Popper compresses well and allows the hooks to do the work. If a bass swipes at it, he is stuck.
The Bronzeye Popper chews its way through cover. Some frogs glide over it but the popper spits and crunches it way through it. That rough approach teamed with a color that bass “love to hate” and super sharp Gamakatsu Frog Hooks  means more fish in the boat.
If you have   bluegill in your lake, the Spro Red Ear Bronzeye Popper is a must!
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