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Terry’s 2012 Bass Fishing Wishlist

I hate Christmas shopping. Actually I hate any kind of shopping. Like most men when I go shopping, I go, get what I need and get out of the store faster than Santa going up the chimney. Not much looking around, no browsing and I don’t come out of the store with something I didn’t go in to buy.

When I was younger I would make out a list and each time hoped to get one thing on it. As I have gotten older my list has shortened and it seems my list of wants has too. Honestly, I have a tough time deciding because if I want something I usually just go get it and do not wait until Christmas to purchase. That works well for me but my family members hate it. Shopping for the outdoors person in your life if you are not an outdoors person can be like herding cats.
Most great gifts for anglers are gifts that fly under the radar and can be items you may not see marketed everywhere. They are sometimes items we need but are ones we won’t buy for ourselves. My wish list this year includes a lot of those items.

Since I hang out in the Wired2Fish Man Cave every day and weekends too I love stuff for the shop and items I can use to work on my truck and boat. My wife says I am the “King of Piddlers” and I always tell her “it’s good to be the king” at something. I look to Christmas to get consumable items too.

My list for this year is below (click on any links to see more about each product):

Lucas Oil Products  

You can never have too many detailing products. Slick Mist has three different products that are perfect for use both in the shop and take along when you head to the ramp for wipe downs after you get off the water. I use Slick Mist Speed Wax on my boat every time I leave the lake. I also use Tire and Trim Shine and Interior Detailer on seats, rub rails and tires. This is a great package for any boater.

Another great product that any boater would enjoy is a case of Lucas Land and Sea 2 Cycle Oil. Not only can they use it in their boat but any engine that uses 2 cycle oil. Lucas Oil exceeds manufacturers NMMA ratings and will not void the warranty.

I also like to make sure I have some Upper Cylinder Lubrication and Safe Guard Ethanol Treatment on hand. I like to make sure all of my engines, including my outboard and truck are running smoothly and carbon free. Any of these products combined in concert make great stocking stuffers and can be easily built into a kit for the die-hard angler.

Spro Crankbaits

This year Spro increased their already stellar crankbait line-up with two baits any die-hard angler would love. The Spro Baby DD and the Fat Papa 55 are medium divers that fit a niche when fish are staging or chasing baitfish. Both come in excellent color selections, cast well and each lure has a different profile making them unique while diving in the same water column depth.

A neat way to package these for Christmas is to by a 3700 style crankbait box and fill each space with one color or model of bait. Autograph the top of the box with a Sharpie and notate “Christmas 2012″ for lasting memories. You can do this with any of the angler’s other favorite baits for a great category box ready for the next trip.

It would be neat to have a Strike King XD, Rapala DT, or Megabass ITO Vision 110 box too.


Strike King Sunglasses

These new great looking sunglasses not only protect your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays but are a great bargain at around $40.00. They come in a myriad of frame and lens colors. The new 11 layer technology lenses are sharp and clear. They are also polarized.


St. Croix Legend Xtreme Rod

This rod is perfect for the angler who deserves the best. I am totally amazed at the sensitivity from butt to tip and the new handle brings grip and durability to a new level. The rod is perfectly balanced and tough as nails. Team this rod up with an Abu Garcia Revo Premier or a Lews BB1SHZ and you have the Mercedes of rods and reels. Every angler would love this rod”¦period, end of story.


Eco Pro Tungsten Worm Weights

These weights are engineered like a surgeons tools and are made in numerous weight sizes not seen by other manufacturers. I like to stock up this time of year on ¼, 3/16, 5/16, and 3/8 and you can never have too many. I usually ask for watermelon, green pumpkin or black in color.


EGO Balance Beam

This new anodized aluminum balance beam was just introduced and comes to two model sizes. Perfect for culling fish for tournament anglers this new beam will stand up well to weather and balances fish accurately.

EGO has also introduced three different bump boards, also aluminum and measure to 1/16 increments, with longer sizes available for larger fish. Also new for 2013 are two Ego Grip Scales, 25 and 40 lb capacities, with stainless steel grippers and an easy trigger. They also introduced a large fish sling for handling big fish without bringing them in the boat.  All of these products are perfect for the boater/angler.


Rapala Line Stripper

This is a great gift that works well for the boater or for the bank fisherman. Anglers who win and catch the biggest fish change line all the time and this is a quick way to make this job quicker and neater. Pair some braid cutting scissors and some fish handling gloves with the strippers and you can build kit that every angler would appreciate. They are reasonably priced items and make great stocking stuffers.

Sometimes buying for the outdoors person takes a little ingenuity and creativity and small items often work well over big dollar purchases. Remember, buying something they want may include items they would not buy for themselves. Throw out the old neckties and the fruit cakes, dig right in and Merry Christmas to everyone.