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Big Show’s Bucket O’ Cranks

We got with Terry Scroggins before he headed to Pickwick for practice for the upcoming Elite Series and talked to him about one of his unique tackle storage secrets. In the back of his Toyota Tundra that was packed to the hilt for many weeks on the road, there was a white 5-gallon bucket with a lid on it.

“That bucket is the deal,” Scroggins said as he pulled the bucket out and unscrewed the lid. “It’s waterproof and I can keep a pile of crankbaits in there. Don’t you hate it when you open your crankbait box and all your hooks are rusted even on baits you haven’t thrown yet because you put wet baits back in the box or it rained while you were fishing.”

Scroggins uses his unique bucket to store one of his favorite baits on the Elite Series, the Bomber Fat Free Shad, BDS7 size. Those 3/4 ounce baits take up a lot of space in a standard Plano 3700 and with this bucket he can have a pile of baits for several weeks on the road.

When he needs more he just grabs a handful and throws them in his boat. The fact is if you crank in the right kind of areas, you’re going to lose crankbaits, but you don’t want to run out of your supply while you’re on the road or in remote locations for extended periods of time. So he keeps the bucket in his truck and when he needs a few more in a certain color for the next day, he grabs out and handful and hits the water.

“People overcomplicate fishing,” Scroggins said. “I know what crankbaits work for me, so I’m sure to always have my Fat Free Shads in good supply and don’t have to worry about running out.