The Bait Sack Lure Protector Review

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Protecting rods and reels while storing them will make them last a lot longer. Rod sleeves like Rod Glove keep your rods safe and allow you to store more rods in a rod locker without worry of damaging guides and rod tips. Same for reel covers. 

But anglers often overlook how much damage a lure can do to a rod or reel from hook rash and wear. If you look at your rods with hook hangers on them, you will often see multiple scratches and even bigger nicks and chips in the graphite. Not to mention what a tangled mess the lures will make of rod and reel covers in a rod locker.

I have covered my rods with Rod Glove Rod Covers for years,  but was looking for a simple bait cover that was easy to use and didn’t include Velcro. I have tried quite a few of the bait covers on the market, but never found one that didn’t have an issue. They work great with some lures like umbrella rigs in particular, but treble hook baits were a bit cumbersome and unwieldy.

While researching some new swimbaits on some websites recently, I ran across a product that I believe has solved my bait-cover problem. The funny part of this story is that on that very day, the owner of Bait Sack sent me an email asking me to take a look at his lure covers. Call it karma, divine intervention or just plain old luck, but I was eager to try out The Bait Sack Lure Protector


I watched the video on The Bait Sack website and their design and materials that they used, I thought this might work. I was concerned with the clips and the heavy plastic material, but I was pleasantly surprised by both when I covered my baits for the first time with them.

Dave Romanus, the designer and owner of Bait Sack, is an avid California angler and was looking for a better way to keep all of his multi-hook baits from tangling when he designed Bait Sack. 

“Multi-hook baits like umbrella rigs and crankbaits are a mess to store,†Romanus said. “They get tangled on the deck and can be a real mess in the rod box too. We needed a better solution, and we tested all kinds of materials to find the right one. After a year of testing and researching, we came up with the Bait Sack.â€


The Bait Sack stacks nicely on the deck and lays flat when positioned on the top of the rod even when multiple rods are used. It’s heavy duty material but it is pliable so you can stuff a lot of rods in a locker and not have them in the way of each other. The Bait Sack slides on and off easily and lets you easily see what lure you have on what rod at a glance in your locker. 

It has an easy open and close container that you can pinch open with one hand while dropping your lure or multi-lure rig into in one easy move. It comes with a clip where you can clip it onto your rod without sharp hooks snagging the rod or reel and it also has a hook at the end to hang on a rod hook hanger.

You can learn more about them at or checkout for ordering information. 

Here is a video of The Bait Sack in action.