Tackle Talk: VMC Worm Weights

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I don’t own a single lead sinker anymore.

Several years ago, I made a complete switch to tungsten and it has undoubtedly changed my fishing. Some folks will complain about the higher price compared to lead, but the smaller profile and sensitivity are totally worth it in my opinion.

I’ve learned, however, that there’s a lot of tungsten out there that stinks. Many of the budget brands chip quickly and even worse, fray your line and cause you to lose fish.

These VMC Tungsten Worm Weights I’ve been using, however, are legit. Here’s why I say that.

They keep color


I pitch and flip each time I’m on the water, regardless of the season. This has given me lots of opportunities to thoroughly evaluate the VMC Tungsten Worm Weight. I have used these weights exclusively since January. 

I cannot chip the paint on them. 

I have hit ‘em on dock posts, concrete seawalls, rocks—you name it—and the tough color coating keeps these weights from chipping. I’ve been using the exact weight in this photo for three months and have caught well over 100 bass on it. You’ll see plenty of teeth marks, but the color is never compromised. 

I’ve had a heck of a time finding a tungsten weight that won’t chip. This stuff is pricey and to be honest, it ticks me off when I see the color coming off after a few days of fishing. That’s totally unacceptable to me. You will not have that problem with these VMC Tungsten Worm Weights.

Your line will not fray


You simply cannot rely on a tungsten weight that tears up your line. When tungsten is manufactured incorrectly, it will often have very sharp edges that rub your line raw and cause immediate failure on the hookset. That’s why a lot of folks have a bad taste in their mouth for tungsten—they’ve had bad experiences with it. 

You can take these VMC Tungsten Worm Weights and rub them up and down your line without any nicks or cuts to speak of. They’re totally insert-free and I have not experienced a single break-off since using these particular weights. 

Why I like their color selection


You have three color choices with these weights: Black, green pumpkin and plain. You won’t find any sparkles or weird color combinations in their lineup.

I really appreciate that and I’ll tell you why: They’re not trying to sell you on a bunch of crazy stuff and they’re not just creating more SKUs so they can sell more product. They know what works and they stick with it. There’s nothing incredibly fancy about these weights—they just work. You don’t have to sift through a bunch of marketing jargon to figure that out. 

I’ve started using a lot of the VMC terminal tackle this year—both hooks and weights—for this very reason. Everything I’ve tried from them so far is a workhorse, without a bunch of crazy claims or fancy packaging. They know it works and they’re low-key about it. It seems like they let their products’ performance do the talking for them. In my opinion, that’s a very attractive quality in an industry inundated with flash, glitz and glamour. 

Final impressions


If you use tungsten, I strongly recommend trying these weights. If you’re still unsure, grab just one pack and test ‘em. Or heck, just find a buddy who has some and test one out. You will agree with everything I’ve said—I honestly believe that. 

The VMC Tungsten Worm Weights are available at TackleWarehouse.com.

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